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Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt is letting his haters know that he’s ready for the Olympic games in Rio this summer.

Last week Friday he withdrew from the Jamaican Olympic Trials. The Jamaican sprint legend said he was diagnosed with a Grade 1 hamstring tear — the most mild sort — and that the discomfort began presenting itself in his quarterfinal race on Thursday night.

Earlier this week Bolt took to snapchat to indulge in some Kentucky Fried Chicken for the last time as he continues to prep for the Olympics.

“After this it’s gonna be all work baby,” Bolt said after biting into a spicy chicken leg. He then took shots at persons who don’t want to see him successful. “I’m gonna disappoint you motherf****** so much,” he said.

He also urged them to keep watching as he doesn’t want them to miss the big show.

Bolt added that he appreciates his haters as they make him work harder.

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