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Ishawna’s recent stint in Boston could cause a man to lose his wife.

The controversial Dancehall artist made rounds on social media over the weekend when she uploaded a raunchy video dancing in the face of a male patron while performing her smash hit single “Equal Rights.”

Well turns out the guy is married and his wife saw the video circulating on the internet and she’s not too happy about it. In a desperate plea to avoid divorce, the man took to social media on Monday to make a public apology.

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According to him, he’s sorry for his actions which were selfish. During a Instagram live session, he confessed that he wasn’t thinking about the shame he could cause his wife and her family at the time. He added that he wasn’t aware of Ishawna’s intentions when he first took the stage.

However while Ishawna quickly deleted the video after she uploaded it on social media, she shared a photo of the two on Monday with a cryptic caption, “Imagine your man telling you he don’t do Oral Sex and then? BOOM? you see Ishawna on stage whining in his face ?? #WhineAndDine,” she wrote.