Alkaline serves the official music video for his “We Up” single.

“More dan 30 pon di wrist / Wol heep a duppy pon di list / And we a di illest dem nah guh tell yuh cause a politics (no way) / Wake up high me smoking on di cannabis / A hope me money decline dem watch me like a analyst / Nah stop shi hi hi hine,” the Vendetta deejay spits in the intro of the track.

“Who bless nuh man nuh cuss yuh / Talk it and it guh suh / Affi get yuh gyal how much mi pay dat fi f**k yuh / And nuh bwoy nuh gi me nuh chat / Not wid di burner inna me buckle / Mad dem fi see how we a floss yeah,” he deejays in the first verse.

“We Up” is produced by ArmzHouse Music and is available for streaming and purchase on all digital media platforms.