Ishawna is trying to set up a retirement plan this year.

The controversial Dancehall singer shared her ‘Mood for 2018’ on Thursday with a photo. The image which was uploaded to her Instagram account, shows late American model, television personality Anna Nicole Smith and husband businessman, attorney, J. Howard Marshall.

Fans of the ‘Equal Rights’ singer quickly pointed out that Ishawna wanted a Sugar Daddy, a rich older man who financially supports a young woman in return for her company or sexual favours.

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As expected, Ishawna’s post was greeted with support from her female fans, “Less work more benefits,” one wrote, while another added “[Up] That’s the way to go!!.”

While others blasted the former Downsound records artist as having “no ambition” and being ‘classless,’ some also gave facts on Nicole Smith’s fortune trying to deter Ishawna for being a ‘Sugar Baby’, “That money was cursed Anna Nicole’s son died she died and the old man’s son died and the old man died. Anna’s little girl ended up with the millions. That money was cursed.” View post below.