Popular Dancehall selector Ricky Trooper has accused Elephant Man of stealing his money and has demanded that the entertainer pay him back.

The veteran disc jock took to social media earlier this week to blast the “Energy Gad” during a lengthy Instagram rant claiming that he still owes him money from over two years ago and is yet to pay it back.

According to Trooper, the “Pon D River” deejay robbed him back in 2016 after he paid him an undisclosed sum for dubplates specials, which seemingly were never done.

Trooper went on to blast the colourful entertainer, reminding him of his humble beginnings and how helped him before he got his big break.

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“Yuh thief mi money two year ago Ele when hungry a kill yuh bloodcl**t,” the deejay ranted while adding that he would not stop airing out the deejay until he is paid his money back.

Fans were quick to offer their input on the drama as they took to Instagram to voice their opinions.

Trooper comin like a big dutty gyal. @elephantmanja why you affi go tek di man money . Friends like these you need no enemies 😢,” one fan said while another added, “Bowy them man yaa nuh whole nth when them have an argument no sah this just 🙁 🙁 🙁.”