Spice launched her Grace Hamilton Women Empowerment Foundation on Sunday.

The GHWEF is designed to uplift young women and push them towards success despite life’s obstacles.

The launch took place at Eden Gardens Wellness Resort & Spa in Kingston, Jamaica with guest speakers Miss Universe 2017 second runner-up Davina Bennett and Miss World 1993 and Member of Parliament Lisa Hanna.

Several entertainers also attended the event to show their support including her ‘No Worries’ collaborator, D’Angel along with Queen Ifrica, Pamputtae and many more.

“So many people to thank for coming out to witness the starting of this passionate movement. My aim is to enrich women with education and entrepreneurship. Last night was the official launch for my foundation,” Spice said on Monday. “I’m so happy I was able to transmogrify a hopeless thought into reality. An email was sent to us from this young lady Abbygale and after reading her journey I was floored. Despite all that she has been through her only hope was to start College this year. We both got so emotional simple because I too was once in a similar situation so I could feel her pain.”

“Abbygale “WILL” be going to the Utech this year YESSSSSSSS . Don’t forget if your fortunate enough to help email us [email protected] Help me to make a difference,” she added.

The “Queen of Dancehall” announced the foundation last month on social media.

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“Ok so I’ve been wanting to start a foundation for a while now, however it was not until last week when I made a post on my page about being sad on that particular day, and not having some one to talk to and with the amount of women who reached out to me, about what they are going through it birthed the idea for me to start this foundation,” Spice wrote.

“I believe a lot of us “women” are going through a lot and we put on a “MASK” and smile every day and no one really knows what we going through. I heard some horror stories and I think I can provide opportunities or even a platform that can help a lot of young women in today’s society.”

“The name of my foundation is “GRACE HAMILTON WOMEN EMPOWERMENT FOUNDATION” ?. It’s designed to uplift young women and push them towards success despite life’s obstacles. Please follow @gracehamilton_wef and join me on this journey.”

“If your having any problems right now that you think we can help with feel free to email or even DM the page so we can start a knock down plan with you ??. I’m so passionate and excited about this project I can’t wait for us to WIN TOGETHER,” she added.