Rygin King is sending out a strong message to his Dancehall rivals.

The fast-rising recently took to his Instagram account to issue a warning amidst his alleged beef with Alkaline.

“S**k unu madda battybwoy!,” the “Legacy” deejay said in a video uploaded to his IG story. “Mi bad…. and unu just mad seh mi hot… S**k unu madda, real badness mi a tell unu,” he added.

Rygin King’s comment follows Alkaline reportedly taking jabs at him in his new single gritty single “Deep Sleep.”

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In the Montego Bay-based deejay’s smash hit “Tuff,” Rygin King rhymes about stepping out in all-white while letting his haters know he is alright. “Mi step out inna white, And every gal a bawl out ‘photo’,” The self-proclaimed ‘Trap King’ deejays while adding in another line, “If yuh nuh trouble mi, mi nah trouble yuh, Tell dem mi inna mi vibes enuh, Go tell dem we alright enuh.”

Alkaline attacked those exact lines in “Deep Sleep” when he deejays, “You say Mr. Alright, See them bout them in a all white, hear them when them say we fi put down all guns and all knife, Bwoy could a call pon Christ, No mercy for them pu**y deh we a take away all life.”