Photo: Tiffany Miga Photography

Usain Bolt has a new girl in his life and is hoping that Kasi Bennett won’t get jealous.

On Wednesday night, the retired Jamaican sprint legend took to his Instagram story to uploaded a video of his new girl, the brand new Playstation 5 gaming console.

“Yea now people, it deh ya. You know what time it is,” Bolt said while showcasing the PS5 in his car.

He then proceed to put on the seatbelt over his Playstation 5 as he rode shotgun with him.

“So you know seh it’s safety first. Yea baby, don’t worry yourself I’ll take good care of you, I’ll get you home safe,” he continued.

Bolt thanked his friend and manager, NJ, for getting him the console, and prayed that his longtime-girlfriend and mother of his daughter, Kasi Bennett, will not be jealous.

“Big up NJ for my new girl. Kaci don’t be jealous,” he added.