Pamputtae recently shared a motivational message with Dancehall fans online.

In a video uploaded to her Instagram account, the “Sticky Wine” singer encouraged fans to maintain a positive mindset, and hope for the best in the coming year.

“What you don’t get this year, you will get it next year. Stop worry and fret bout problem and tings, if you worry bout the problem, you aguh dead left it, just live!” Pamputtae said.

The entertainer, given name Eveana Henry, continued by encouraging fans to stop stressing over things they cannot control.

“Stop worry about the problem because if you worry it still aguh deh deh, and if yuh don’t worry, it still a guh deh deh. Work with what you have till yuh get what you want.”

“Be happy, anybody weh yuh owe tell dem she you soon pay dem, yuh nuh have it now, don’t me nothing stress yuh because pressure buss pipe,” Pamputtae added.

Watch Video Below.