D’Angel is making it clear that she doesn’t engage in any obeah dealings.

Obeah has been a hot topic in the Dancehall industry over the last few days after Spice came under fire from he alleged spiritual advisor RT Boss who made a slew of allegations.

D’Angel had to ‘cut and clean’ obeah practices on Monday after a Dancehall fan noticed that she was rocking a pencil in her hair. A pencil is normally worn under the turban of a person who practices revivalism. These objects are said to induce spiritual possession.

The “No Worries” deejay quickly addressed the fan and said she was simply using the pencil as an accessory for her hairstyle, “A mi hair mi ketch up, and this a di only thing mi cudda find fi ketch up mi hair. Uno nuh easy eno, uno believe inna some crap,” she said.

“See dem hand ya clean, mi nuh mix up inna bagarang. If God cya fix, nobody else cya fix mi cause yuh know she mi always a she God,” D’Angel continued.