Stalk Ashley and Alkaline rolls out the official music video for their “Incognito” collaboration.

The storyline for the visuals star with Alkaline and “Mad Max” making their final business transaction. Mad Max is clearly not pleased, but the vendetta deejay walks off smiling. Alkaline gets more to smile about when his eyes stumble upon the lovely daughter of Mad Max, played by Stalk Ashley.

While the two didn’t connect on that meeting, they eventually link up. The “Young” singer simply wants to have fun, and there is much evidence of that potent element in the Jerrell Lamar-directed music video.

Produced by Darren Jaxx Jack and KINGBNJMN, Incognito is a sexy, sultry fusion of dancehall and R&B, the track made its debut on October 22.

“See me from me walk in / Likkle bit a waist and a fimmi pretty brown skin / Bling bling pon me neck and my wrist / Caution wid me cause me high risk / You ain’t never met a gyal like this / You fi comе closer / I’m dying to know / Are you at this party alone?/ Woulda lovе fi get yuh body and lock yuh inna me house / You a smile me can tell seh dis a weh yuh like,” Stalk Ashley sings in the first verse.

After she delivers the catchy chorus, the Vendetta deejay hammers the second verse.

“Yuh send the addy yet weh me fi meet yuh / Me place outta the picture / Tell me which pa yuh guh deh cah me will reach you / Yeah me know a spot nuh crowd a people / Weh we coulda pull up inna di lot chop it up desso inna the vehicle / A anywhere me get yuh fi me self / Meeda put you pon the lumber worry bout nobody else,” Alkaline spits over the beat.