Gold Gad has released a new music video for the track ‘Chop Chop’ featuring Dydy which was posted to his ‘GoldGadMusic’ YouTube channel.

In the video Gold Gad comes across as a boss for a scamming operation as he flaunts his full bottles of top-shelf Hennessy. He allows his second in command, Dydy to oversee inventory and she reports, that everything is going well, as she opens the track, “Sav man dem ah chop, Mobay man dem ah chop, Sainty man dem ah chop, Falmouth man, chop chop chop! Kingston man ah chop, Ochi man dem, dem ah chop, Portmore man, ah chop, Spain man dem chop wid a b***.”

Gold Gad comes in, doing his signature negotiations on his banger phone, “Mobay yeah we know to finesse simply have the styling. Ochi a take di money out a yuh hand without the violence. Kingston man dem lock di game we lock the timing, nah fi talk bout Sainty, Clarendon dem man nuh smiling,” the artiste sings.

The track was produced by Todd Talent Entertainment and the video was directed by The RD Studios. As Dydy and Gold Gad walks us through the ‘chopping’ experience with the company of half-naked women loading up wads of cash in duffle bags and cardboard boxes.

You can watch the full music video below