Mr. Vegas has branded Minister Marion Hall a hypocrite for clapping back at RT Boss’ Obeah claims.

The veteran Dancehall superstar took to Instagram recently to blast the Gospel star labeling her as a “hypocritical Christian.”

According to Mr. Vegas, Hall buried the Lady Saw moniker years ago and shouldn’t be responding to matters relating to the dead.

“Unno Bible seh avoid foolish controversies, it mean nuh tek part inna it,” he critized during a recent Instagram Live. “How the obeah man call smaddi weh dead name and people come a defend the dead?… The person is no longer alive, that spirit is dead and unno come outta church come a defend dead spirit.”

The singjay would go on to further accuse Hall of being envious of the current crop of female Dancehall stars.

“After unno cuss dancehall and talk bout dancehall a Devil music and unno see the likkle sister dem and the likkle Shenseea and Jada Kingdom dem and dem a run di place…unno a try screechie back inna dancehall come a talk bout unno ‘soon alright’… When yuh have Jesus everything is alright. Unno cya trick nobody bout yah again.”

“Yuh fi come bout yah as the elder and a try calm dung dah fire yah weh a gwaan between the sisters dem, yuh come a dash oil inna di fire. So weh we a tek it next, Sting? Reader man versus dead spirit?”

Vegas’ comments come after Hall recently teased two diss tracks aimed at the self-proclaimed spiritual advisor. In the tracks, Hall blasted allegations that she was involved in Obeah during her career.

According to Vegas, Minister Marion’s clap back may be an indication that her Christian journey is not working out financially.

“Me a di youth weh come forward and tell unno seh don’t run left unno food because we can sing dancehall and sing clean dancehall music,” he said. “We nah fi stop sing dancehall music fi praise God. But unno come come tell people seh dancehall music a devil music and unno gone pon di other side but one likkle man come call dead spirit name and unno run come back a talk bout unno ‘soon alright’.”

Vegas further called out the irony of the situation claiming if it were him fans wouldn’t be so forgiving.

“A bet if me did inna church and somebody call Vegas name and mi come out a defend Vegas unno woulda seh, ‘But him inna church…a pray him shoulda pray for di people dem’. So how we nuh see nuh nobody come out come pray for nobody soul inna dis controversy?