Bounty Killer is trolling the People’s National Party (PNP) for electing Mark Golding over Lisa Hanna as the new president.

The veteran Dancehall artiste took to Instagram to share his reaction after Golding earned 1,740 votes and Hanna got 1,444 of the 3,350 delegates that were down to vote on Saturday.

Bounty Killer sent congratulations to his friend, Lisa Hanna and told her it was a great run, citing that she was the people’s choice. “Congratulations same way mi friend @lisahannamp great run a you the ppl dem say,” he wrote.

The entertainer added that Mark Golding cannot beat PM Andrew Holness in the next general election, “him cyaah beat bro so I hope him and buntin who lost bcuz too much stunting can buy out the Jamaican like dem buy out the PNP party😂🤣😅,” Bounty added.