Aidonia’s Wife Kimberly Megan has laughed off rumours they were evicted from their St Andrew residence.

Last night the internet was buzzing a popular blog claimed that Aidonia had been evicted from a St Andrew residence due to outstanding rental fees. The blog went on to claim that the property owners were even considering a lawsuit to recoup the funds.

However, Megan has clapped back at all the chatter with a few messages for the haters.

Megan took to Instagram to post a snap of herself chilling at Star Fusion Lounge & Restaurant in Kingston with the caption, “Watch evicted.” She capped off the post with a laughing emoji trolling the haters.

Her fun did not stop there, as she seen partying to one of her hubby’s tracks at a street dance in Tivoli Gardens in West Kingston.

The petty clap back was met with roaring support from some fans who also blasted the rumours.

“‘Watch evicted’, same so sis,” said one person, while another snarled, “All unno do a walk and spread rumours.”

“I don’t believe it’s eviction from their home. Kimberly is hard-working and smart. Annuh just looks, girl a hustle before Aidonia and ambitious, she would never be living in a rented home and don’t own nowhere…” another fan declared.

This was seemingly backed up by a fan who claims the couple bought their own home stating “Well them buy a house last year still.”

Aidonia himself has also hit back at the allegations. Yesterday he clapped back at the chatter by posting a snap of himself looking over his balcony while shaking his head.