Macka Diamond via Instagram

Macka Diamond is now facing criticism following the emergence of a video of her getting “delivered” by a pastor.

The Dancehall star is facing some backlash from fans who seem a bit skeptical about the whole ordeal.

Earlier this week a video emerged on social media of the veteran female star with New York pastor Leslie Morgan.

In the clip, the paster can be seen rubbing olive oil on Macka’s head while delivering a prayer.

“We declare deliverance, no weapon. We speak life, we speak protection, we speak healing, we speak restoration. You are delivered in the name of Jesus. You are delivered today, you are free today for who the Son set free is free indeed. Be loose, be delivered, be set free. We declare it and we decree it in Jesus name. You are free today.”

A chorus of “Amen” is heard in the background as the pastor and another man support the disoriented Dancehall star.

However, it seems some fans were not convinced by the post, with many criticizing the veteran star.

“I hope this is real and not a music video,” one person said, adding “You can’t play with God these kind of way.”

The negative comments continued as another fan questioned, “So is she going to do gospel music like Lady Saw now?” While another blasted the whole act saying, “No limit to what and where these entertainers will go for the clout. They will even go to di pit of hell fi go seek attention.”

Prior to the video Macka Diamond also posted of herself in prayer asking God to deliver her from her enemies.

Last month Macka and popular dancer TallUp announced that they were fasting to drive out evil spirits from Dancehall. The announcement came after spiritual advisor Nardo ‘RT Boss’ Smith claimed he “slowed down” her career for Spice.