A Pre-K teacher made one of her student’s day just by getting a new hairstyle.

Leigh Bishop, a teacher at Lakeview Elementary posted a photo on Facebook last week with one of her students that has since gone viral.

On January 29, her student August showed up to school with a new hairstyle.

Bishop expressed how much she liked it saying, “Oh my goodness! I love your hair, August! Don’t be mad at me when I come to school with my hair JUST like that tomorrow.”

August, however, did not take her teacher seriously and said, “Ok, Ms. Bishop”, rolled her eyes and walked away.

But Bishop was good on her word and showed up to school the next day with the same style of braids and topknot the 4-year-old wore.

Bishop said August and her dad were pretty surprised when they saw the teacher the next morning.

The adorable photo of the two has been shared thousands of times on Facebook and Twitter.