Marvin The Beast’s new girlfriend ‘New York’ is slamming his ex-lover Nickeisha along with Jamaica’s dancing culture and fellow Dancehall Queens.

The exotic dancer took to social media over the weekend to hit back at DHQ Nickeisha’s fans who have been trolling her since Marvin announced that the two are now dating.

In a lengthly post New York hit addressed critics who have been trying to degrade her by pointing out that she is a stripper, citing that Nickeisha is a better choice for Marvin.

Marvin The Beast Shares Reason Why DHQ Nickeisha Relationship Ended

According to New York her being a pole dancer is far better than being a Dancehall Queen in Jamaica. “Throwing your body on the floor and rolling around in the street and dancing on buckets is considered dancehall queen dancing,” she wrote. “I walk around a pole looking sexy AF and get paid. i’m confused about this, where’s your income as a DHQ?”

“What Dancehall party can i go to and make three grand US while dancing?” she questioned, NY added that “No Dancehall Queen has ever made as much money as i do in one night in their entire life!”

Her comments have since been making rounds on social media. Dancehall selector-turn-producer Foota Hype as spoke to New York about her statements saying she should be prepared for backlash as she is not only disrespecting Nickeisha but the entire dancing fraternity including DHQ Sher, Renee Sixthirty, Daniboo, Dancing Rebel among others.