Ding Dong Ravers’ year started on a strong note after Chris Brown featured a few of his dance moves in his new music video.

The R&B star recently dropped the visuals for his “Undecided” single and Jamaicans instantly spotted the heavy Dancehall influence.

Ding Dong’s Ravers Clavers crew member Silent Ravers is the creator of the “Flairy” dance move which Breezy showcased in the music video thanks to dancehall choreographer Slip Dance.

Ding Dong Ravers Gives Back To Kids In Nannyville

“A WONDER IF THE WORLD WANT TO SEE A @chrisbrownofficial AND @dingdongravers COLLAB. BIGUP TO @slipdance FI BUSS @1silentravers #FLAIRY DANCE IN THIS VIDEO #RAVERSCLAVERS OUT THERE,” Ding Dong Ravers wrote on Instagram.

Watch Chris Brown’s new “Undecided” music video below – you can see “Flairy” at around the 3 minute mark.