Blak Ryno and his wife Melissa Sewell came under fire following a recent raunchy post online.

On Sunday, Sewell took to her Instagram account to upload a nude photo with the Dancehall artiste in bed sucking on her breast with the caption, “every gal to a man but is a my wood #magicstick.

Dancehall fans stormed the singer and actress’ profile demanding her to delete the post citing that not everything should be posted online.

Blak Ryno’s Wife Mel Exposes DyDy After Media Personality Backs Shenseea

“Yo tek dis down man, ano everything the public need fi see,” one user wrote. “Ryno nuh have no morals eno dats why Kartel did affi kick him out, respect yo wife how u mek she upload this,” another wrote.

The photo which was immediately uploaded on several Dancehall blogs, was later removed from Sewell’s account.