Wayne Marshall is celebrating his 40th birthday today!

On Thursday, the Dancechall/Reggae singer’s wife, Tami Chin took to social media and wrote this heartfelt message.

“I don’t know why, but I always knew I would find a love like this. I always felt that I would connect with someone on a level that surpassed my deepest wishes,” Tami wrote. “I knew I would share a friendship with someone that would tide us over in times when things looked tricky. I always felt that I would I find a partner who held the same morals and standards in helping me to raise a family.”

“I always knew I would laugh til my sides hurt, that I would feel safe in uncertain times and that I would experience a love that would heal me in so many ways. I always knew I would find you when I least expected.”

“What I didn’t know was that you would help me to grow, that you would encourage me and pick me up off the ground (sometimes literally 😊), that you would be my steady carriage amidst all the rocky roads of life.”

“I didn’t know that you would help me to BECOME and that you’re greatest hope for me was to be whole, just as I am. You taught me to love myself through your eyes as you gave me the gift of friendship and family, passion and purpose.”

I am forever grateful that is was you and my deepest wish is that I am able to do and be the same for you.

Your life is a gift to so many Wayne and I for one am so happy that we get to walk together in this lifetime. Let’s just keep our deal and promise to find each other in the next.

“Wishing you THE HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!! I will celebrate you always,” she continued.