Dancehall entertainer Spice is making it clear that she does not indulge in obeah after allegations made by her Spiritual Advisor RT Boss.

RT Boss has been going live on Facebook and Instagram over the last few days calling out the Queen of Dancehall for being ungrateful after he allegedly built her successful music career.

According to RT Boss, they made an order in 2011 for him to move her into the position of Queen of Dancehall, and her to help him transition into music in 2020.

He also alleged that Spice used obeah and to stifle the careers of fellow Dancehall entertainers.

Refuting the claims Spice wrote, “One thing you can’t say I never indulge in your obeah talks nor obeah a soul,” she said. “Mi no work obeah no time at all. A God my thing deh, periodttt. I’m my own prayer warrior and this too shall pass. You can never, ever, ever release a voice note wid mi a speak evil on no one.”

The “Head” signer posted bits of a recorded call with RT Boss via her Instagram story, in the audio you can hear him questioning why she thought of something (unnamed) as witchcraft.

“Mi just nuh waan do dem deh something deh, God know, mi just no like it,” she said. “Mi prefer continue fasting and pray weh mi always a fast and pray. Yuh always a seh dem deh something deh people a fight stronger but mi just nuh like di whole…”