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Popular Dancer Renee SixThirty is making it clear she’s not in the recent explicit photo uploaded to Recording artiste Alex A-Game’s Instagram account.

The “A-Game Everyday” deejay’s “alexxagame” handle posted photo on Saturday night allegedly of the dancer with a lengthly caption, “Full time smaddy expose U mr Alexx Agame, a pose every day like yuh f**kin decent n yuh lifestyle stink like over riverton dump,” The hacker wrote. “Bout realNtrue  woooiii….. Now you miss Renee SixThirty y yuh cant keep yuh p***y inna yuh panty girl?? Mi know a artist yuh luv f**k but yuh can do betta n nex time yuh ago skin out tell di man fi puddung di phone nuh miss, seet deh now yuh p***y deh pan di internet nooo sah! n mi know yuh ago seh a nuh ur own but nuh worry yoself video a come next caz mi done run mi investigation n have mi findings, DM, email, iCloud everyting. A mi in control now suh everyting inna dark ago come to light . Karma is a likkle b***h eeh man smh Ps: mi did affi gi yu pum pum a pineapple, yu need it.”

However according to Renee it’s all lies as she has never spoken to the artiste before, “Stop call up mi name,” she said during her Instagram Live rant shortly after the photo went viral. “Everyday unu give mi man, unu seh mi deh wid Popcaan, mi deh wi dis, mi deh wid dat, stop calling up mi f**king name and guh s**k unu mada, it’s not me, i’m not that black.”

She also refuted the claims during several Instagram posts while A-Game confirmed his account with hacked, view below.

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#AGame confirms his account was hacked

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