Mr Vegas was embarrassed and thrown out of church after being invited to have a discussion with Pastor Gino Jennings.

The veteran recording artiste got an official invitation for the religious event after blasting Jennings and his team for unofficially naming him as one of the persons to clash with the pastor in Jamaica.

On Sunday, at the event which was held at the YMCA in Hope Road, Kingston, Vegas tackled the controversial clergyman on several issues concerning the Bible.

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However things escalated when the “Bruk It Down” deejay requested a video tape of pastor Jennings referring to women as ‘b—hes and h–es’ be played for the congregation.

Mr Vegas’ requests was denied and his microphone was subsequently muted.

In a footage uploaded on Instagram, Jennings can be heard telling security guards to escort Vegas out the church which resulted in a physical altercation after the entertainer resisted and was accosted by several men.

Watch Video Below.