Spice and boyfriend Justin Budd

Amelia ‘Milk’ Sewell is in Spice’s business and dancehall fans don’t like that!

As the Queen of Dancehall continues to enjoy her new relationship with her ‘Rastaman’ Justin Budd, Milk is urging social media users to stop referring to the Atlanta-based entrepreneur as a rasta.

“There is a Rasta and there is persons with locks as a hairstyle people…not everybody with locks is a Rasta…so please stop calling Spice’s new boo a Rasta please and thanks,” the former TV host wrote on Twitter.

Dancehall fans quickly responded to Milk’s post, “You in their business and I know she gonna feel away 😩😂😂,” one fan wrote.

While another asked her if she knew Justin Budd personally to make such a public statement, “Yk him personally muma????,” they asked.

“But who asked Milk 🥛 lol there’s people that try to take up things and be relevant again and there’s people that know their place and move along,” another one wrote.

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