Foota Hype

Outspoken Dancehall sector Foota Hype threw shade at embattled comedian Majah Hype earlier this week.

In a post uploaded to his Instagram account, Foota Hype sent out a warning to women who are interested in having a romantic relationship with him.

“Ladies if you like me and want to be with me know this,” the veteran Dancehall selector/producer said, “I do not suck p**y, i am not into girls f**king girls, i do not do anal sex and i was never molested.”

“So if u are looking for those things dont waste ur time trying to talk to me,” he continued.

Foota Hype posts comes after Popular comedian Majah Hype disclosed that he has been a victim abuse as a child and that his ex Latisha Kirby who he confided in knew about it and used it against him.

“I was molested as a child from a male family member and she took that and she used it as ammunition. We had an argument and she told me that I’m a faggot, she told me that my mother allowed somebody to molest me for four years…”

Foota Hype’s post angered several social media users who quickly called him out for his insensitive post. “Child molestation is [not] a joke , you need to grow up ….That was so wrong and a slap in the face to the innocent children who have to go through it,” one user wrote.

“If majah never said he was molested would you even mention that in your post???low blow,” one IG user questioned.

“No one cares that you never been molested ??? Why you wanna kick a man when he’s down for telling his truth ? You kept singing that he was going to jail and that he beat her like you know for a fact that it was him. You see the man ain’t gonna get locked up, which most people knew because lack of evidence and the many people she messed with, it could have possibly been one of them. You claim your always right . Well you weren’t in this instance now your throwing shade 😬. Let it go bruh🤣,”