Dancehall star Mavado has drawn the lines in his new beef with ‘enemies’ Drake and Popcaan.

On Wednesday July 29, the Gully Gad rolled out a gritty diss track titled “Enemy Line” which is directed at Canadian Rapper Drake and Mavado’s longtime rival, Popcaan.

Enemy Line comes just days after Drake fired subliminal shots at Mavado and his hometown Cassava Piece in his new ‘Only You Freestyle.’

“N***a’s want piece like Cassava but we let bridge dem burn like grabba/ Boy 4 in the clips and one in the headie / Hand no shake man I hold that steady / Your man love pose wid the ting for the picture / Your man shoulda buss that ting already / Your man love hesi hesi / Yeah, can’t backchat to the Prezzi,” Drake rapped over the beat.

Initially Mavado responded via an Instagram post aimed at the OVO hit maker, “From you a look clout A copper to you mouth (Jamaica flag emoji),” he wrote.

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Mavado returned with some gritty lyrics, “Bullet to yuh face and nuh bwoy cant resuscitate. Dem haffi charge me for murder or aggravate, every blood**t gun contaminate. Forensic haffi draw di tape nuttn nuh animate,” he spits over the Vietnamese Riddim.

“Tell soft and fake likkle sheep, like Mormon, die trying but you will never be a yard man,” he continues.

Mavado also referenced Drake and Popcaan’s recent stint in Barbados for the Unruly Boss’ birthday, “Wait, yuh nuh see say dem head man fi buss, catch him pon a yacht bout dem a play Candy Crush.”

Drake and Popcaan on a Yacht in Barbados

Dancehall fans were first speculating that Drake and Mavado’s beef was due to the rapper’s USD $25,000 donation towards building a learning centre in Cassava Piece. Unfortunately things quickly took a turn for the worse when the Gully Gad failed to deliver on his end of the deal.

However in “Enemy Line”, Mavado revealed that Drake was carrying feelings over a woman, confirming an old rumour.

“Him still a carry feelings fi gyal a gi me foul play, Me tek a fuck and den me cut it neva,” Vado deejays.

As rumours have it, back when Drake and Mavado were friends, the Jamaican deejay moved on one of the females, which the rapper had brought to the island for the “Find Your Love” video shoot in 2010.

Listen Mavado’s new Drake & Popcaan Diss Track ‘Enemy Line’ below.