A GoFundMe account has been created for Latisha Kirby as she seeks to take Majah Hype to court.

The account was created by Kirby’s friend Jamila Lyiscott, with a target set at US$10,000 to take legal action against the popular comedian.

Kirby is a “victim of revenge porn after coming forward about her separation” last Wednesday, the page read.

The account also states that Kirby is a former police officer and is now unable to return to a law enforcement career because of the intimate nature of photos of her shared online.

“Kirby will not be silenced. She has made it clear to the world that she will take her power back, and that she will fight towards healing for herself, for her son, and for the thousands that have shared that her story, is their story,” the description continued.

Latisha Kirby reposted the page via her Instagram account, encouraging who people stand with her, support her and believe her to donate. “I’m going to continue to speak the truth, even my my voice shakes,” she wrote.