Jada Kingdom has seemingly responded to Chozenn following his attack on her viral ‘Banana’ challenge.

Last week the controversial Gospel entertainer caused a stir on social media when he shared a remake of Kingdom’s new thought provocative single.

Chozenn shockingly remixed the track and warned teenage girls from entering Jada Kingdom’s ‘Banana’ challenge.

“Tha one ya a fi the likkle girl dem weh mi see pon IG a do Banana challenge,” He said before singing, “The fruit addi sprit, ano banana a peace love and joy not banana…”

Chozenn continued by telling young women to pick up a bible and read Galatians 5:22.

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“?Galatians 5:22 But the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, faithfulness. ?#NotBanana?#youngladies be wise and prudent it’s back to school? be a good student. ✔️#cultureinvasion#alsoselfcontrol#ignorewhatyoufeeling #ephesians6 obey your parents kids pls.,” he captioned the post.

Seems like Chozenn’s warning rubbed Jada Kingdom the wrong way as she took to social media to give a lengthly response.

“My fans started this Banana remix challenge. What’s bad about it?,” she questioned in a now-deleted post. “Why other artiste a tell people doh do it?,” she added.”

“Am i in your way ? ?…DAMN!  Unuh a idiot? Mi have REAL LOVE fi di people dem inna mi camp yer? A suh unuh wah just walk round and mash up everything and everyone? Wah wi fi do ? Kill we one another? I’m done fam,annoyed asf. Nah seh a next word,” Jada added.


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#Chozenn back at it again ???

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