Pro-Trump rioters celebrated their raid of the US Capitol on Wednesday by playing Bob Marley music.

On Wednesday the world watched in horror as thousands of Pro-Trump protesters successfully stormed the US Capitol in Washington. The imagery looked like something straight out of a Hollywood blockbuster.

However, it is what followed that has seemingly irked some Jamaicans. The protestors took to the streets singing Bob Marley’s iconic “Three Little Birds” track, chanting the lines “Everything Gonna Be Alright.”

The moment was captured by USA Today journalist Christal Hayes, who posted a clip on Twitter. “Trump protesters are singing, “every little thing is gonna be alright” on the West side of the Capitol, within view of where Biden is set to be inaugurated later this month.”

Hundreds of Jamaicans have since flocked to social media voicing their outrage over the controversial footage.

“Bob Marley? Are you kidding?!? Makes me sick! Bob Marley performed this song 3 days after an assassination attempt in hopes of quelling political tension between rival factions on Jamaica. Don’t you dare!!!” one fan said.

However, the public outrage did not stop there, with another adding, “A HUGE disrespect to Bob Marley. He stood for nothing that they do! He does not like these people especially the misuse of his music!”

Bob Marley is hailed as one of the most influential musicians of the last century, with his music spreading messages of peace, love, and unity. Ironically, his music is often viewed as anti-political, going against government ideologies.