Foota Hype has branded Macka Diamond’s recent ‘godly redemption,’ as poor attempt to go viral.

According to Foota, Macka’s recent ‘deliverance’ by a New York pastor was just a desperate attempt to gain attention.

He says he knew Macka was exaggerating after seeing a video of her “talking in tongues.”

“Suh when mi watch di video an si how Macka a gwaan, I was like seriously? Macka, me yuh waan frighten? Foota Hype yuh waan frighten? Macka you couldn’t trick me. Yuh coulda neva trick me. ,” Foota mocked.

The popular disc jock would go on to joke that Macka was trying to compete with Lady Saw and Spice to prove who loves God the most.

“From wha day di whole a di female artiste dem a war fi seh who have di goodest heart and a who God love and who closer to God and who love obeah more. Me, really an truly think Macka, she guh a church guh hol a vibes caw inna di new year dem seh guh a church. But mi feel like seh Macka guh extra now becaw Lady Saw go extra wid dis gospel ting and becaw dem seh Spice wuk obeah and Spice nuh good, she jus a show seh God call har an nuh call Spice,” Foota said.

“Suh mi believe shi kinda extra it up enuh. Suh Macka, yuh like God and everything, but all a da extraniss deh, an a talk inna tongues, I don’t buy it; I don’t believe it. You a extra it up Macka; yuh put on a show. Caw Memba Macka nuh ramp enuh. Macka believe inna goin viral enuh,” he argued.

Last week Macka Diamond was heavy criticized by fans after a video clip of her emerged on social media. In the clip, the star was seen being anointed by New York pastor Leslie Morgan.

Fans branded the act as disingenuous after she posted photos of herself on a cross on Instagram. Many assumed that the images were part of a grand scheme for promotion or a music video.

However, these speculations turned out to be incorrect, as the pics are actually from a 2014 music video, Wicked Heart.