RT Boss via Instagram

Spiritual advisor and Dancehall artiste Nardo “RT Boss” Smith says he hold no regrets about his squabble with Spice.

The controversial ‘spiritual advisor’ says he does not regret the public revelations he made about the Dancehall superstar. “I regret nothing I said. Mi speak mi truth and mi stand by it 100 per cent. Mek the chips fall where they may ,” he said.

Last Month RT Boss made headlines after claiming he had aided Spice’s reign at the top through spiritual advice. He also sent tongues wagging after claiming that her two kids were fathered by Baby Cham, not Nicholas Lall.

His accusations would send further shockwaves through the industry as he also accused Minister Marion Hall of practicing obeah.

Smith made the revelations after Spice allegedly refused to help him launch his Dancehall career.

However, it seems the aspiring star is ready to put his musical career on hold, choosing to focus on his main talents.

“The numbers for my spiritual appointments have increased dramatically so much so that I have to put my music hobby of music on the back burner,” RT Boss said.

Smiths’ declaration comes just weeks after dropping his single, “Buzz,” which was picking up some traction.

“I’ve made up my mind, I know that ‘Buzz’ has thousands of views but I realize now that my spirituality career is at the highest level it has ever been, so that’s where I am going to push my energies,” he said.

According to RT Boss, his spiritual readings have always been the main source of his income.

“I entered the dancehall fraternity on Spice’s advice, with an understanding that she would support and help promote my movement.”

In regards to Minister Marion Hall’s recent clap-back, Smith says intends to ignore the matter completely.

“I will not be responding to anyone that does not pay me, whether it be musically or via social media.” Anyone who’s interested in getting a spiritual reading from RT can visit my website www.rtgoneglobal.com to schedule an appointment.”