Buju Banton is back in Jamaica and he’s spending some quality time with his family.

The Dancehall/Reggae icon, whose given name is Buju Banton arrived on the island Friday evening after being released from a federal prison in Atlanta, Georgia.

On Saturday, the “Wanna Be Loved” singer’s daughter, Abihail Myrie uploaded a photo of the two with an emotional message.

Buju Banton Reveals The First Thing He Was Looking Forward To In Jamaica

“I’ve imagined what this moment would be like, replaying it be over and over again in my head but now i can stop imagining because that moment is finally here,” Myrie wrote. “It’s so real and I can’t even find the words to express how i feel. I missed you so much Im so happy to finally have you here. My heart is so full. How’d you make an exact replica of yourself though?? TWINNING!.”

View photos below.