Spice and Naro’s beef is far from over and to make matters worse Nikki Z is now involved.

The Dancehall entertainer made headlines on Thursday after a video surfaced on social media showing her blasting the Nightly Fix host.

Spice slammed Naro at her ‘Captured’ Mixtape launch party in Kingston for allegedly degrading her for years, which she believes is a classic case of “Black Hypocrisy.”

The clip which went viral got the attention of Nikki Z who shared that Spice should’ve been the bigger person in the situation.

“I woke up and saw this, and honestly it made me so sad. I love her so much and am fully proud of her success,” Nikki Z wrote on IG. “But as media, we are allowed opinions, our job is to be true to our views when we present them. To spark conversations.”

Nightly Fix Host Naro Responds To Spice

“Yes, some go overboard, yes some are too opinionated. I myself have been classified as just that. To react to people who push and promote your brand wether you like how it’s done or not it beyond disappointing. This could easily have been me, I too have not praised everything on her career journey, I too have probably said things that may not be liked.”

“Saying no interview, no comment, I decline this interview for ANY artist should be how you set the example.  This right here made me flashback to Trump berating journalist who didn’t favor him.  Is this how we are now, no modesty, no humility? I know this will spark emotions and that’s o.k.”

Nikki Z’s post got the attention of Konshens and Foota Hype who shared different views.

Spice also stepped into the comments and shared that she will be degrading Nikki Z for a week, “Nikki Z i am going to degrade you for one week not a year and i hope you be the bigger person and sit back nice and take it with class and don’t lose your morality.”

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