American singer and actress Demi Lovato joins the growing list of influential women showing support for Majah Hype’s ex Latisha Kirby.

Demi Lovato took to her Instagram story on Tuesday to repost Kirby’s initial videos speaking out her abusive relationship. “Domestic abuse has to stop,” The “Heart Attack” singer wrote. “Victim shaming or blaming has to stop. Thank you for your strength @kirbyfbaby,” Demi continued.

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Kirby made headlines earlier this month after she stepped forward and revealed that she was abused during her relationship with Majah Hype.

Shortly after telling her story, several sex tapes allegedly involving Kirby surfaced online. In her latest response she denied cheating on the popular comedian, “The crazy part is i never cheated on him!,” she said while responding to a comment claiming she was not faithful to Majah Hype.

Kirby who still believes Majah Hype is the one releasing her explicit videos say they were before her relationship with him. While claiming that she’s not the woman in some of the clips.

“The videos he’s putting out are from before him, some of them aren’t even me! The text messages are from when i packed up and left him for sex whole months! (I guess in his mind we were still together) And ALL of the penis pics were from my girls group chat!.”

“I don’t need followers or fans to make a living! He has to lie to y’all Not me! Everyone is mad because i told the truth! He lied! Didn’t own up to his abuse! Leaked pornographic videos of me from past relationships to flip the narrative! I’m ok with that! I know the truth!!!!,” she continued.