Minister Marion Hall recently opened up about her past life in Dancehall and how it feels to be doing Gospel music.

Formerly known as the “Queen Of Dancehall”, Lady Saw, said Christianity was her saving grace.

“Without His mercy, I don’t know where I’d be. Maybe I would have been locked up. Maybe I would have been on a stage and say something like what I have stored up. Maybe I would kill somebody, or somebody would kill me,” she told the Jamaica Gleaner.

Hall got baptised on December 14, 2015, in a private service at the Emmanuel Apostolic Church on Slipe Road in Kingston just hours after attending the funeral service of late Dancehall singer J Capri.

However despite leaving Dancehall behind her,  she shared that there were lessons learnt that inform her approach to her restored life today.

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“When I was Lady Saw, I was quick to bite. As soon as somebody say something, I attack. Maybe it was pride,” she told the outlet. “I couldn’t leave it alone and let it pass. But now, I realise I’m a different person. The way I used to write in dancehall, I don’t think about it because my mind doesn’t go back there. I haven’t heard a song from then – because I haven’t listened to radio, I don’t listen to TV, so I don’t have no information. I make myself available to connect to God.”

Hall is gearing up to release her second gospel album titled “His Grace”. The project is due on her birthday, July 12. She released the first single off the project titled “I’m Gonna Fast” last week.