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Minister Marion Hall has called upon the church and politicians to play a more integral role in helping to curb Jamaica’s growing crime problem.

According to the former dancehall artiste, while the church and politicians do offer they are capable of so much more.

Hall went on to say that the church has been far too “silent” and passive on the matter, while politicians tend to be too “divided” to make any significant impact despite their continued efforts.

The former “Queen of The Dancehall” went on to question “Weh the bloodwash Christians dem deh? Mi nah hear dem,” suggesting that the church needs to take a more hands-on approach by visiting the communities most affected by crime throughout the island.

Minister Marion Hall studying hard to get into Bible school

According to Hall, only divine intervention can curb Jamaica’s crime monster at the moment, as politicians currently do not have the answers, making special reference to the situation in St James.

She claims that unless the nation’s leaders place their trust unto the Lord and surrender the country unto God there will be no progress in the battle against crime.

Hall went on to disclose that she has plans to personally take to the streets, as she has already reached out to the relevant authorities in St James asking for the opportunity to venture into the various troubled communities.

The entertainer reveals that she has already received the go-ahead from authorities but they require some time considering the state of emergency imposed upon the parish.