Ishawna slams Govana in a counteraction of his latest single “One and Move”.

The ‘Equal Rights’ singer is set to release “One And Lose” in response to the Good Good Productions summer banger.

“One and lose / deh one f— deh nuh move mi/ d—- right mi give yuh one and lose / fi a ugly man yuh boasty nuh bloodcl—— / yuh cyaa style sidechick as dutty claat / yuh seh mi chat too bloodcl—— much / yuh neva seh dat when yuh inna mi bloodcl—— gut,” Ishawna sings over the ‘Do It Riddim’.

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While the former Downsound Record artiste’s counteraction has gone viral, Govana is yet to responds. However the 4th Generation deejay has taken the opportunity to continue to promote his “One and Move” single.

Stream Ishawna’s ‘One And Lose’ preview below.

This new #Ishawna 🙌🔥😂 #OneAndLose

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