Foota Hype has is well known for his cheeky clap backs and the disc jock has proved it yet again.

The popular sound system selector hilariously clapped back at one fan after they decided to troll him for his shady comments aimed at international socialite Amber Rose on Spice’s Instagram page.

The interaction all began after the selector decided to compliment the “Needle Eye” deejay while blasting Rose saying “Mi hate @amberrose but spice a mi don.”

The comment did not go unnoticed and attracted the attention of one fan who remarked: “@footahypemusic mi swear dem did sacrifice yuh 😫.”

Foota Hype Needs Your Help, Disc Jock Launches GoFundMe Account

Foota Hype clearly in no mood to let the cheeky comment slide as he quickly hit back saying “no dem a wait pon di next Earthquake but mi never expect fi si u eno di rubbish truck mussi never come today.”

The interaction also sparked comments from several fans who found it quite entertaining. “😂😂😂😂😂I don’t know what they gona do with you @footahypemusic 😂,” one fan wrote while another said, “Why dem hot fi foota so damn😂.”

The popular disc jock was also in the news this week after he launched a GoFundMe account for asking fans to assist him in replacing his mobile device.