Dancehall artists Clymaxx and Quick Cook are now at odds following rumours that they are romantically involved.

The falling out between the two young entertainers, who were recently busy promoting their new collaboration “Everything,” occurred after rumours emerged that they were romantically involved.

According to Clymaxx, the friendship came to a grinding halt after she confronted the entertainer over allegations he had told several persons they were romantically involved. She claims the entertainer later blasted her on social media for something completely unrelated.

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The female lyricist claims Quick Cook tried to shift the source of the disagreement to allegations she was upset over money stemming from issues associated with their collaboration.

However, Quick Cook was quick to deny the allegations saying he never told anyone he was involved with Clymaxx, and he is unsure how these rumours even began in the first place.

The deejay claims he only decided to vent via social media after receiving a series of disrespectful voice notes and texts from his collaborator, and that she was actually to post something to Instagram.