Macka Diamond is striking back at her detractors following recent criticism.

In a recent interview with Caribbean Power Jam radio, Macka Diamond slammed her critics, labeling them as “empty barrels”

“A lot of people put them mouth pan mi, mi old, mi dis, mi dat, mi fi low music, all of these things. Mi love music, I was born to do music,” she said.

“I use my talent, nuh matter weh mi hear. Mi nuh loud and dancehall is loud. Dancehall is a empty barrel making a lot of noise and yuh just do foolishness until it end,” she continued.

According to deejay, she has put in a lot of work over the years and will continue to use her talents to motivate others.

“Me now come represented as the money goddess, mi a show dem seh money haffi mek, no matter what age you are. Mi nuh really are weh nobody wah seh, Mi a motivate people and mi a show dem seh it all about the money.”

In recent weeks Macka Diamond was heavily criticized following her recent spiritual deliverance. Some fans accused the star of being disingenuous, with many claiming it was a PR stunt.

Macka’s actions followed allegations made by Spice’s former friend and spiritual advisor Nardo “RT Boss” Smith. The controversial figure claims that he helped to hold Macka’s career back in order for Spice to thrive.