Dancers-turned-recording artistes Ding Dong Ravers and Popeye Caution rolls out the official music video for their collaboration “Good Ting Dem.”

The new Dancehall banger is produced by Romeich Entertainment. Distributed by Johnny Wonder, “Good Ting Dem” is available for streaming and purchase on all digital media platforms.

“When mi do road / Mi haffi wear di good ting dem / Di good clothes & di good shoes dem
Good chain & di good ring dem / If mi shop inna di mall, a di good store dem / My car weh mi drive, a di good car dem / No chicken head, a just di good gyal dem / Pretty face wid di good shape dem / Mi nuh bun bush weed, a just di good draw,” Ding Dong Ravers deejays in the first verse.

While Popeye spits, “Salvatore, Ferragamo, it a talk pon dem / Caution name haffi call pon dem / Some bwoy go knock off, tell lie pon dem / Yuh mad? / Image a nuh my problem / Price tag dear, all insure dem / Modeling, red carpet then / Girls roll out inna di red pumps dem / Yo Ding, mek wi put a roll call pon dem.”

Ding Dong Ravers and Popeye Caution linked up with Frame X God to shoot the official music video in Miami, Florida. The visuals feature cameos from Romeich Major and Rvssian.

Watch video below.