Jamaicans are pleading with Usain Bolt to delete his most recent Instagram photo.

The retired sprint legend sparked Illuminati rumours yesterday when he uploaded a photo on IG with his close friend/manager Nugent ‘NJ’ Walker. In the image Bolt and NJ can be seen using a hand gestures associated with Freemasonry.

Perhaps the signs could be dismissed as a meaningless coincidence however this isn’t the first time Usain Bolt has done it and Jamaicans aren’t here for it.

“Delete this photos ASAP,” one social media users wrote. “Suh we good good Bolty really wan sell him soul or him do it already?,” one fan questioned.

“What does it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul,” the comments continued.

A few Dancehall fans also chimed in on the topic and insisted that Bolt was repping fast-rising deejay Squash’s 6ix camp.

Meanwhile, Usain Bolt is currently in Paris, France in hopes of taking over the scooter market. On Wednesday he was present for the international launching of Bolt Electric Scooters by Bolt Mobility.


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#UsainBolt and NJ in #Paris ???

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