Spice came under fire last week after footage surfaced online of her getting into another fight on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.

In the video, the Dancehall superstar can be seen getting into a brawl with fellow newcomer Tokyo Vanity who confronted Spice after she went on a date with her boyfriend Tobias Dray.

Spice’s fight which is the second incident since she joined the VH1 smash hit reality series in March was criticised by several Dancehall insiders and fans.

“This drama TV show is beyond Spice and if she continues on this path it is going to kill her brand,” one insider said. While a fan chimed in saying Spice is way better than the show and she is just being used to get Caribbean viewers,” Ah wah could a cause dis? Grace mek sure seh the money up eno cause dem just a use yuh fi mek Jamaicans tune in while yah kill you professional image.”

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“Yuh just launch foundation fi empower women and yuh deh pan TV a fight gyal over dem man, dat mek sense?” another added.

However Spice is now hitting back saying if she was on the other end of the beating Jamaicans would be trolling her online.

“For all who think the “Queen” nah portray a good image on the reality tv. Make mi tell unu dis mi nah siddong make no body claaat mi nor disrespect mi so unu come cook mi digest mi,” she wrote on Instagram. “Make unu did ever see a video weh a gal a beat mi and mi couldn’t walk back a Jamaica.”

“This post is just to tell the “Few” haters to f**k off,” she added.

Spice was clearly a great dandy shandy player ???‍♀️

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