Minister Marion Hall Via Instagram

Minister Marion Hall has played down reports of a Dancehall return but will release a Dancehall-Gospel album.

Hall, who formerly went by the moniker Lady Saw, has dismissed claims she is set to return to the genre.

“I am not returning to dancehall, but I am dropping a dancehall album. I have already started it,” the singer told the Jamaica Observer.

Minister Marion’s new album follows her recent controversial squabble with ‘spiritual advisor’ RT Boss. He sparked controversy after accused the former Dancehall Queen of practicing ‘obeah’ in the past.

The gospel singer, who converted to Christianity five years ago, took to social media last month to defend her name. In a series of posts, Hall teased two Dancehall heavy tracks that addressed the situation.

In late December, Hall would officially release the two singles, From Mi Born (Obeah Man), and Mi Soon Alright.

“With Mi Soon Alright I was in my house, talking to the Lord, and I heard the voice of the Lord say: ‘Yuh soon alright.’ So I opened my mouth and I started to sing: ‘Mi soon alright, mi soon alright, mi soon alright’…It was about the pandemic, a song for people who are going through hard times. A lot of people losing hope, they’re fearful,” she said.

“We are not afraid. We are armed and dangerous in the Kingdom of God,” she said. “There are Christians who are so scared.”

However, the two Dancehall infused tracks sparked backlash for the star with many accusing her of hypocrisy. One of her most vocal critics was Dancehall artiste Mr Vegas who accused her of trying to sneak back into Dancehall.

After hearing the criticisms, Hall hit back saying, “you think God would call a woman like me who was so bad out there in the dancehall and just put me to sit down and not revisit the dancehall to win some souls?”

“The devil is a liar, wherever he leads I will follow. A who tell dem fi call me out? They don’t understand my calling and if they don’t understand it it does not matter one bit to me God. They perplexed the wrong woman of God.”