Shaneil Muir is making it clear that she is not pregnant.

The female Dancehall artiste made headlines over the weekend after a post uploaded to her Instagram account sparked pregnancy rumours.

The “Yamabella” in the wee hours of Sunday shared a bathroom selfie with a cryptic caption, “Couldn’t hold it in any longer (Praying hands emoji )” however she later deleted the post.

The image sent social media into a frenzy as many fans and bloggers started to issue congratulatory messages to the singer.

“I didn’t know you were pregnant congratulations, mi artiste,” one fan wrote. “One thing mi sure, deh baby deh nah guh born inna lace wig,” another jokingly said.

However others weren’t buying it, as many stated Shaneil Muir wasn’t pregnant and it was simply a ‘food baby’ after a long night of eating. ” (laughing emoji) Good one, i know for sure you ain’t preggers that’s a good baby.”

The chatter resulted in Shaneil Muir going live to refute the claims that she was pregnant. “Dem wah know if me a breathe, let me check,” she said then took a deep breath. “Yes.”

Jokes aside the artiste continued by saying, “When belly fi bang, belly fi bang, cause good pumpum need shelter…good pumpum need shelter regular!.

Muir told fans that she is very proud of her body and quite unbothered by their negative remarks, even though she has the capacity to make whatever changes she desires.

“Me have 2 big dutty watermelon on my chest, unu look pon mi breast them good, ah triple D mi wear, wha me ah do wid more body? Unu stop try fi bring dung people and talk bout ah face alone me have,” she continued.

Shaneil also used the opportunity to encourage females to move away from the high expectations being displayed on social media for the ideal body type.

“A lot of you females like to go on social media and bash other females about their bodies…ladies with little extra flesh…especially inna quarantine time yah…ladies mek me tell unu something, don’t let nobody tell unu nutten fi tek unu dung and put unu inna corner fi cry to unu self.” Instead she said women must be confident about their bodies.

“If ah so me did born, who is me fi change it, God say girl hold some breast, likkle bit a batty and sometime u belly ah go come up and go dung, nutten nuh wrong wid dat!” she boasts.