Dancehall entertainer Rygin King has sought to address his viral memes that are currently flooding social media.

Over the last few weeks, the Montego Bay-based deejay has been the target of online trolls who are taking aim at his intelligence.

The ‘Dunce’ memes highlights unique words and phrases used by the “Tuff” deejay during his Instagram live videos and interviews.

Rygin King who previously admitted that he is a high school dropout and failed to obtain any subjects, took to his IG live earlier this week to send a message to his haters.

“Bay f**king promotions unu have bout the wrongs, how unu nah put out the right?,” he questioned. “Unu nah put out how we thing tough out here, unu nah put out say how we a shine and how we doing great.”

“Unu nah put up how we a spread we music and paving the way for other great artistes same way,” he continued. “Dawg look here, mi a live good mi alright, everyday we gain more and more fans.”