Craigy T via Instagram

Dancehall artiste Craigy T is now giving thanks to God after his son escaped injury from a stray bullet.

The former T.O.K member is thanking God after a bullet breached his son’s room on New Year’s Eve.

“The family was outside on the lawns watching the fireworks going off on the hill and my wife heard something, came outside and asked if we alright, because she heard something and she wondering if is clappers or something come into the house and that we should be careful,” he said.

The following morning, the deejay would get the shock of his life after checking his son’s room.

“It was unusual and when I saw the bullet hole” he recalls. “We then searched and recovered it under the desk, intact. So you know it was a full warhead.”

The entertainer would go to express his fears of what could have happened if his son was at home.

“Yuh nuh haffi be in the ‘wrong place at the wrong time’, you could be where you’re supposed to be and die from a gunshot wound,” he said. “My son, luckily, was at his mother’s house that night. Had he been with me, he would have been at his desk playing video games, because that is where he is every night. When I told his mother, she cried.”

The “Galang Gal” deejay says he believes the round was possibly fired during an illegal gun salute. He says he intends to report the matter to the police, as it could have ended in a real tragedy.

“I have to push it because, at the end of the day, if people nuh push this thing, it nah go change. The reason why I even decided to talk about it is because I realise that the people who participate in these gun salutes really don’t recognize say the bullet dem come down innu,” he said.