Popcaan via Instagram

Popcaan is kick-starting the New Year with a message of inspiration and positivity in his latest track ‘Relevant.

Popcaan dropped the visuals for the motivational track just in time for his fans to make resolutions on New Year’s Day.

The video opens with an elderly woman calling Popcaan on the phone, asking when is he going to come by. “Hi poppy, are you coming over anytime soon,” she asks. Popcaan can be heard on speaker phone replying “music mi a mek, why pree, soon fawud, gwan mek some food, mi soon fawud.”

Popcaan is well known for his classic anthems, and this effort looks set to another timeless hit.

“Ghetto yutes go fi the gold, wi build a wing, failure nuh inna my thing, dem fi know seh failure nuh inna my thing,” he croons in the song. The song warns of the haters “a mark X making yuh moody’, and the importance of staying humble.

“If yuh live in a board house, yuh still a queen, yuh still a king, (failure nuh inna my ting no…g idem a rollie dem want a Cuban, tek weh them want and gone, mi nuh sure dem a fish or prawn, yuh highly blessed from you have God in yuh, friends wi sell yuh out a suh it go/ there’s a reason why mi name the unruly boss, St. Thomas mi grow, mi never soft, no/ dominant/ prominent dem cant stop me like I’m monument/ use to collect nuff minimum wage, get the house and range and mi never change/ never kno a Mark X coulda mek yuh moody friend, style a yuh par ….and still go a road and use mi strength.”

The song seems to have resonated well with audiences, as many took to social media to praise the effort.

“Song will be classic even in 2030,” one fan declared, while another added, “Unruly Boss has the greatest inspirational songs 🤘🏿🤘🏼.”

Since its release, the Droptop Records produced track has already racked up over 398,000 views on Youtube. It is currently #16 on the local trending and looks set to be another hit for the Unruly Boss.