Popcaan recruits Unruly Ent member Frahcess One for his latest offering titled “Cream.”

The new hustler anthem is produced by Unruly Entertainment, Skyviews Ent & Young Vibez Productions.

Popcaan and Frahcess sings in the chorus;
Henny inna mi damn vein
Gyal ah bubble up like ah champagne
Gyal from Yard, Trinidad, over Ukraine
Ain’t gonna tell nuh lie like 2Chainz
That’s what it is
Yuh p**y ah mi bus’
Gyal dem ah tell mi how mi clean
Wan’ gimmi head inna di club, yuh know what I mean?
Wul ah vibes, buss ah blank if yuh living di dream

Nuh give ah fuck about di haters when mi stocking di cream
Gyal yuh batty broad like wi cheddar (Hah)
Love when yuh drop di bomb, hand grenade ah (Hey)
Wan’ f**k yuh pon di beach in Grenada
Put yuh pon high beam like ah Honda

Mi nah mind nuh jacket, mi nuh blazer
If mi nah mek nuh money inna di earth den mi haffi press ‘K like Kayla